Lenny Kravitz and Aerosmith concert

Last Wednesday night I went to the Tacoma Dome to see the Aerosmith with Lenny Kravitz concert. 
Instead of parking in the parking lot next to the dome we park in the "theatre district".  We ate at the Varsity Grill which was offering a discount for people going to the concert.  The restaurant itself was fairly cool.  It was very open and had a fair number of TVs to watch game.  They even have a big room with stadium seating to watch on a large 125" projection screen TV with surround sound.  It would be a great place to watch any big event.  The menu had lots of options on it including a 72 oz steak which if you could eat it all in under an hour it would be free.   
The plan after dinner was to hop on the free downtown light rail and take that down a few blocks to the Tacoma Dome but we were not exactly sure where to catch it (we really did not do our homework) so we hopped on a bus and we were at the T-Dome station in like five minutes.  On the way back we did take the light rail and it was really slick.  They were purposely running the train late due to the concert and if I go down to Tacoma again for a show I would totally do this route again.  The last time we were down there we had to pay to park and it was a hassle to get out of the lot.  This way we were right back on to the freeway without any hassles.
The concert itself was great.  I missed the first few songs of Lenny Kravitz as I went and bought a few beers but then found out then you could only drink them on the walkway and not at the seats.  Kravitz was great.  I guess I have not followed him in the last few years as I remember him with the big fro but that was gone and he really did not wear the dark sunglasses I remember him having.  I am sure he could have walked right by me on the street and I would not have recognized him.  He had a good set and played all of his hits that I remember.  The crowd was into his show but everyone was there to see Aerosmith.
Aerosmith is one of the bands that can justify having a stage that goes out onto the floor and they do a great job interacting with the crowd.  They could have played for hours and they round the gamut of their songs during their set.  I pulled their set list off of their fan club site.  The pointed fun at Dick Cheney on their song Janie’s Got a Gun by replacing Janie with Cheney in the song after he had shot his hunting partner a few days before.  Even though Aerosmith started recording in 1972 as a band they still look and sound great today.
Set list:
Helter Skelter
Walk This Way
Same Old Song and Dance
SOS Too Bad
Livin’ on the Edge
Shakin My Cage
Stop Messin
Sweet Emotion
(Cheney) Janie’s Got a Gun
Dream On
No More
Baby, Please Don’t Go
Train-Slow Train
Back in the Saddle
Draw The Line

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