No “Summer nights” concerts in Seattle this year

Up until last summer there was a concert series that happend on one of the piers in downtown Seattle.  The concerts always had good artists and you could listen from a boat, the pier, or really anywhere down on the waterfront.  Last year the producers, One Reel, which also plan things like Bumbershoot and Teatro ZinZanni moved the series to South Lake Union.  This summer the plan was to move the concerts to Gas Works Park which I would think would be a great place to go and see a show.  It is one of my favorite places to go and watch the 4th of July fireworks despite the crowds.
Today the Seattle Times reports that NIMBY has been successful in making sure the concerts do not happen.  I have never understood how people can complain about something like this.  You buy property by a park.  Of course people are going to come and park in your neighborhood to enjoy going to said park.  Things might get loud.  That is just how things are.

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