It is a small world after all

What are the odds?  On Saturday I flew from Seattle to Phoenix.  This young teenage girl sat down next to me and I had the strange feeling that I knew her.  She pulled out a magazine and I took a look at the address on the front cover and it was almost identical to the address where I lived for five years before moving last November.  I then realized that this was one of the neighbor kids who I would see playing out in the street in front of the house almost every day.
What are the odds that your neighbor would be on the same flight as you AND sitting next to you?  It really is a small world after all.

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1 Response to It is a small world after all

  1. Chris says:

    That\’s pretty bizarre. You should play the lottery. I remember when I was pretty young, like 10 or so, going to Mt. Rushmore and in the gift shop I think I saw a girl from my elementry school (in Minnesota). Never confirmed it though because I didn\’t know how to approach women at that age 🙂
    Another time I went to this bar and was chatting with this girl who happened to be roomates at one time with an acquaintance I went to high school and college with 1700 miles away.
    It is a small world, or else we are all really big.

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