M’s vs. Brewers

Today I was at the Peoria Sports Complex (Peoria, Az) to watch the Milwaukee Brewers take on the Seattle Mariners in a Spring Training game.  I had been telling people that the M’s would not win until I went to one of their games and they did indeed get their first win today; 8-7.  Matt Thorton struggled early for the M’s but only gave up two runs.  It was 8-2 but the Brewers scored five late in the game with George Sherrill.  Since Ichiro is off playing for team Japan in the World Baseball Classic he was replaced by Shin-soo Choo who had a great day for the Mariners going 3-3 with a walk in my unofficial scoring.
It was a small crowd at the park but it is really cool every year to see more and more cars with Washington license plates (along with Oregon and British Columbia).  I will attach a few photos when I get a CF reader that works with the computer I am using.
They changed the logo behind home plate this year at Peoria.  The other big change is kind of a bummer.  They show ads between innings with the audio pumped through the stadium.  These are not ads for baseball or the stadium but things like the stupid ad for seirra mist with Michael Ian Black and Kathy "D-List" Griffin.
Update: I added the photos.  Notice that they changed the Peoria logo behind home plate this year.

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