Today, KIRO TV and Comcast suck!

I am not sure who to blame so I am going to say that both Seattle’s KIRO TV channel 7 and Comcast both suck. I was waiting for the Husky basketball game to start against U. of IL. but on Comcast HDTV channel 107 they are showing Tenn. vs. Wichita.  I figure they would switch over once the game starts.  I next look up to see that there are already five minute into the game. I try channel 117 since they are sometimes showing other March Madness games on that channel but is it also showing the same game as 107.  I figure it is worth a shot to try plain old channel 7 which is the non HDTV feed and low and behold they are actually showing the Husky game.  Almost a quarter of the whole game had pasted before they got the local team playing on the HDTV channel.
I remember this exact same thing happening two years ago when I was using over the air HDTV instead of Comcast.  KIRO never did that night to switch to the local game and I as stuck watching in low definition.  That night I tried to call the station but no one answered the main phone number after waiting in the queue for over 20 minutes.  HDTV has been around for many years now and it is disappointing that they still do not have it working flawlessly.

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