Airplane travel

Yesterday I flew from Seattle to Chicago.  When I got to the airport before you could even get into a line to check in on United they were there with a scale.  If your luggage was over 50 pounds per bag they referred you to a line where they would take $25 from you so that you could get your bag onto the plane. 
The flight left Seattle at around 6 am.  You would think that they would have a warm breakfest or something for sale on the flight but instead they had four different types of pre-prepared box lunch/snacks.  The choices were kind of boring and at $5 a box one would think that they could have had something warm.
The good thing was that I was in economy plus with the six extra inches of leg room.  There was also no one in the middle seat so I had room on the side.  The wierd thing was that while there were empty seats on econ plus the back of the plane was packed. 
United is now using XM radio for its audio content.  I am not sure if this is a good idea for XM or not as the music still sounds poor on an airplane.
For the second part of my trip I flew between Chicago and Bloomington, IL.  The flight takes 27 minutes and it was on a small jet.  I lucked out again and while it two seats on each side of the aisle I was in one of only two rows that was not packed!

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