Hey FedEx! What the heck is a delivery exception??

I was expecting to recieve a package today via FedEx.  In fact I hung out around the house because of this.  Below you can see that my package was on a truck in Kent, WA before 7 am today.  I can make the drive between Kent in my house in about 30 minutes without traffic and even if it was not a Saturday you could do it under an hour in traffic.  Did my package arrive?  Of course not.   With Monday being a holiday you would think that the package would then arrive on Tuesday 5/30 but no, it is now listed with a schedule arrival of Wednesday 5/31.  Over the years I seem to have had a ton of problems with FedEx and I can think of many times where I have had to go down to their offices to pick up a package.  I cannot recall any problems EVER using UPS (which started out as a Seattle company, many, many years ago). 
Date/Time Activity Location Details
May 27, 2006   5:11 PM Delivery exception   KENT, WA  No attempt made, delivery scheduled for next business day 
   6:55 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery   KENT, WA   
   4:47 AM At local FedEx facility   KENT, WA   
May 26, 2006   11:58 PM Departed FedEx location   PORTLAND, OR   
   3:09 PM Arrived at FedEx location   PORTLAND, OR   
May 25, 2006   8:17 AM Departed FedEx location   BLOOMINGTON, CA   
May 24, 2006   8:41 PM Arrived at FedEx location   BLOOMINGTON, CA   
   4:02 PM Picked up   BLOOMINGTON, CA   
   12:52 PM Package data transmitted to FedEx   Mira Loma, CA 

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