Yo “.info” domain — stop tracking back to my blog

For those of you that know less about bloging that I do (which I am sure is not many — do not sell yourself short) a trackbck is a way to link to a blog entry from another site.
Like ".com", ".net", and ".org" there is a top level doman that is ".info".  The thing that is annoying is that people that have websites on that domain like to link to my blog entries using the trackback functionality.  Their sites are just advertising or worse they are just links to Google ads.
I wish there was a way from msn Spaces to block this domain from tracking back on my blog.  I know this sounds harsh for a whole top level domain but I know others block .info just because at the end of the day it is just a bunch of SPAM!
I am tired of deleting the trackbacks.  I really do not believe in supporting ads that have nothing to do with what I am blogging.  I seem to have to delete at least 10 a day.

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