M’s vs. Angles

Well so much for being over .500 and making a run at the division…

7/3. Felix vs. the Angles Jered Weaver. Felix started out pitching well along with Weaver (5-0) but walks by Felix (8-8) started to score runs. The final score was 7-1 for the Angles. I actually left the game early because we were hopelessly behind in the eighth. Choo played his first game of the year for the M’s replacing Reed who had hurt his hand the night before and was put in the DL. Choo went 1-3. The bullpen is kind of in trouble right now due to injuries. Piniero was actually waiting in the pen for long relief but they got him up and throwing and he did come in the game in the ninth. Some of this also was because Fruto had 51 pitches in 1.1 innings but he only gave up two runs. The M’s are now 42-42 for the year and have fallen to third place in the division and two games behind OAK.

7/4. Today’s game looked good for the M’s for awhile. Meche was pitching well and after five innings he had a four run lead over Santana (9-3). Ibanez (19) and Sexson (16) had hit back to back homeruns making the game 5-1. Santana did not seem to be phased even when he went 0-3 to Everett, the next batter, who struck out and then he got the next two to pop up and ground out. Mateo (5-3) came in to relieve Meche who was already up to 87 pitches and he could not catch a break. Twice he was asked to intentionally load the bases to try and force some outs but it did not happen and the loss was his. Back to back games I leave early as we are too far behind. Of note was that Perez made his first at bat at DH replacing Everett in the 9th (he had played defense in another game already since coming over from the Indians). Also of note was that Rivera had two homeruns for the Angles in their 14-6 win. At 42-43 the M’s are back below .500 and three games back of OAK in third place in the division.


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