Today ABC/KOMO & Comcast sucks (World cup)

Congrats to the Italians. 
I am watching the World cup in HDTV over Comcast cable showing the ABC feed on KOMO HD feed and right in the middle of the PK the signal goes blank!  I quickly was able to switch over to the none HD feed on channel 4 but why is it that this has to happen?  To be fair there has been some problems with the cable on my street and the Comcast crew has been out the last few days but switching back and forth between HD and non-HD the signal came back on the HD channel but of course it was no longer in HD.  All and all if you only had HD you would have missed two PK attempts.  This is very dissapointing.  The signal did go back to full HD after it was all over but this is really unacceptable.
Actually the ABC/ESPN coverage has been poor here in the states for the World Cup.  There was a big article which I do not have a link for that I think was in the New York Times that talked about how the editing has been bad.  The oversimplication of the game for the "US" viewers.  The commenators, one who had never even done a soccer match until a few months ago have just made many mistakes.  A couple of my favorites from today was when he said "the first half of overtime".  There is no first or second half to overtime.  The second 15 minute overtime only happens if the score is still tied at the end of the overtime.  The second was when he said that there were "three minutes left in extra time".  When there were three minutes left in the overtime period.  "Extra time" is actually the extra time is another name for injury time and is the time padded to the end because things run with a running clock in soccer.  The commentators back in the US almost mocking the refs for recieving medals at the end of the game and kind of questioning why they should get them.

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