Art collections in the Seattle area

The hotel/inn that I stayed at recently had a copy of the Summer 2006 issue of ARTnews magazine.  In the issue they list the 200 art collections world wide.  It turns out that a few of the top 200 have residences in the Seattle area.  None made the top 10, with people like Stephen Wynn (Vegas casinos) but it was interesting to see who they were, what their collections were about, and how they made their money.
Here is the list of people in the Seattle area:
Paul Allen (Seattle).  Impressionism; Old Masters; Pop art; tribal art.  Computer software and sports franchises.
Barney A. Ebsworth (Bellevue; Honolulu).  Modern and contemporary American art.  Travel service.
Marsha and Jay Glazer (Mercer Island).  Modern and contemporary art.  Investments.
Elizabeth and Richard Hedreen (Seattle).  Modern and contemporary art.  Real estate.
Mary and John Shirley (Bellevue; Vail).  Modern and contemporary art.  Computer software (retired).
Ruth and William True (Seattle).  Contemporary art.  Oil and real estate.
Virgina and Bagley Wright (Seattle).  Contemporary art.  Venture capital and lumber.
Paul Allen has some of his personal collection on display at the Experience Music Project in it’s DoubleTake area.  The claim is that you can see "from Monet to Lichtenstien".

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