Talking about Presidents – Zero Friction is my homepage on many of many machines.  The other day there was Chris’s (from Presidents of the United States of America) bald head on the front page of their site.  It looks like the Presidents have partnered with Microsoft, specifically Expo (their lame answer to Craig’s list).  They filmed a video and then put everything up from the video for sale on Expo.  It is too bad they did not do some sort of auction instead of just a sale.  Anyway I quickly looked at what was for sale and ended up buying the "Box of holiday decorations".  My theory is that you can never have enough Christmas decorations and the proceeds were going to MercyCorps.

As an asside my buddy Greg stopped by on Friday night to drop me off some T-Birds hockey tickets and I mentioned that PUSA was doing this and he said he had bought the Flight Plan Book that was in the video.   


Presidents – Zero Friction

The Presidents have created a new world-premiere video based on their new song, “Zero Friction” with the help of Windows Live Expo ( Every item featured in the video will be available on Live Expo for sale. All proceeds from the sales will benefit MercyCorps.


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