Cruising to Husky Stadium

I have been going to Husky football games for almost 20 years and one thing I have never done until yesterday was to take a cruise boat into the game.  The Argosy Cruises boat left from behind Chinooks restaurant at Fisherman’s Terminal.  The boat leaves 1.5 before kick-off so we had time for lunch at Chinooks with the 4 pm start.  In fact, with your boat tickets which cost $20 is a drink coupon good at Chinooks.  The boat ride over took one hour which is slightly longer than the return trip due to the fact that they have to back out of their dock location which takes a little more navigation.  After the game you have a half hour to get back down to the dock for the 45 minute return (it did seem like we went back at a faster clip).  The boat holds somewhere between 300-350 and there is a bar upstairs and downstairs (you can drink both ways).  It is nice ride from the terminal through the upper part of Lake Union, past Gasworks Park, and then into Portege Bay.  You then go through the Montlake cut and into Lake Washington and dock up at the boat house just west of Husky Stadium.  Groz or The Gas Man are on the boat with you and on the way over there was a trivia contest and on the way back they gave out a bunch of door prizes.  You could buy the whole season for $100 (saving you $20). 
Overall it was fun and relaxing.  There were lots of cruise boats tied up at the Husky dock.  I saw one Argosy boat take people back to Ivar’s Salmon House which would be less than a 10 minute boat ride.  There were other smaller Argosy boats along with a couple of others that seemed to have been chartered include one I saw by the ASU alums.

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