Office 2007 RTMs!

Not sure why I have not seen this in the press yet but on Friday (11/3) there was a big party at Microsoft as Office 2007 was released to manufacturing (RTM).  The final build of the client applications was 12.0.4518.1014 Office 2007 aka "Office 12" has some great features.    My favorite is the ability to save to fixed formats like XPS or PDF.  It is a bummer that you have to down load this as an optional component however.  My other favorites include the new KPIs in Excel.  You can do really cool things with conditional formatting in the grid, in lists, and in pivot tables.  Pivot tables are really useful now that there are many, many more rows and columns.  I think for me the ribbon is going to take some geting used to however.
Looks like the Office team was able to beat the Windows team out the door!

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  1. Adam says:

    So when will Office 2007 be publicly available.  How long does it take to burn CDs and distribute to the channels.Congratulations on shipping!

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