One million downloads in 3 months!

Today it was announce that Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 Express already had one million downloads — only in three months.  This is fairly impressive.  If you run a small business or know someone who does you might want to check it out (I think people forget that many non profits are really small business).  Intuit must be freaking out.  Their Quickbooks product only has 3.7 million active users at the launch of their 2007 product.  Office Accounting can import Quickbook files and as you would expect is well integrated with Office.  I see that you could even get it with Office Small Business Edition 2007, Office Pro 2007, and Office Ultimate 2007.
I do not even have a small business but I thought it was a cool free download.  I was able to sell stuff on Ebay right out of the product.  Come to think of it, maybe I am a small business.    It is too bad that it only works for business in the US.  It seems like small businesses all over the world could use a product like this.

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