Another year and they still cannot get the NCAA tourney right on TV

So they advertise that on my local Comcast that between the standard channel #7, the HD channel #107, and the SD channel #117 they will be showing all of the games in the NCAA tournament.  I tried this last night and all I saw was the same game on all three channels despite the fact that there were in fact four games going on.  This afternoon I tried it again and the they were showing two of the four games but that was a bit flakey.  The game I wanted to watch was on 117.  In the middle of the game it went to the CBS evening news for a few minutes.  It went back to the game for a bit and then it went to a few of the terminals at Sea-Tac airport where I guess you could see if there were long lines to pick up or drop people off at the airport.
Just how hard is it to show different feeds on different channels?  I think this is at least the third year I have complained about this.  I would think by now they could get this right between CBS (KIRO in Seattle) and Comcast.

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