CellarTracker! is a great way to track a wine cellar

I am not sure why I have never blogged about this because I have been using this for a long time now.  CellarTracker! is a great on-line database to track wine in your wine cellar (or spare bedroom as the case may be).  Because it was written and maintained by Eric LeVine who worked for many years on Office at Microsoft it has rich integration for exporting your inventory to Excel and you can also look it up over your phone, assuming it can hit the net. 
Much of the content is user driven.  Anyone can add tasting notes and you can see who like what and why.  My favorite feature is around adding new wine to your cellar.  A nice feature is that you can enter just the UPC value and in many cases it will pop up your wine so you do not have to manually enter the wine and then identify the vintage and other details.  The other feature I use is the drinking window.  I tend to just let bottles sit as I really do not drink much so I run the chance of letting bottles go bad.  It really is nice to see what the end of a drinking window to know what I need to pull out to drink next. 
If you make a donation to the site and then register with WineBid.com, which is free, you can get a value of quarterly average auction prices of each bottle in your cellar.  That gives you an eye opening value of just how much a cellar could be worth.  The downfall of this is that it has to be wines that are part of auctions.  Right now about 40% of my collection does not have values.  Much of that is from small local wineries like E.B. Foote or Hoodsport which really do not sell anywhere but at their winery itself so they rarely hit WineBid.com.
My other favorite feature is the reports.  You can quickly query what percentage of your collection is a specific varietal as an example of a report.
If you have more than 20 bottles sitting around it is worth your time to input them and then you have a nice tracker that has many great feature for free and then for a low price you can add many for features.

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