Diet Coke Plus

Unbeknown to me CocaCola announced about a month ago a new version of Diet Coke; Diet Coke Plus.  I saw it in the store today so I had to pick up a bottle to sample it.  In the Coke vs. Pepsi wars I was always a Coke guy.  In the Diet cola wars I am a Diet Pepsi guy.  I cannot remember the last time I had a normal Coke or Pepsi as it just seems to make sense to drink the diet versions.  Diet Coke Plus is different in that it comes with vitamins and minerals not found in Diet or regular Coke.  In my taste test there is a little less or perhaps I should say different bite to the Diet Coke Plus when compared to Diet Coke.  Because of this it seem a bit more watered down in flavor.  In the end I really could not decide if it was better or worse.  My daily vitamin gives me all of what it is in Diet Coke Plus so I do not think that it really is a win for me.
Attached is a picture of the label compared to Diet Coke.  As you can see from the photo the following vitamins and minerals are included with their daily percentage value:
Niacin  15%
Vitamin B6  15%
Vitamin B12  15%
Magnesium  10%
Zinc  10%

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