I picked my SIFF films

Today was the last day for members of Cinema Seattle, the folks that put in the Seattle International Film Festival, could go and buy tickets for movies in the festival before the general public so I got myself down to box office in Pacific Place and put in my order.  Like the last few years I also got the gala screening pass so here is the list of films that currently plan to see:
Son of Rambow — This is the opening night/gala film.  It looks like an interesting comedy.
Girls Rock! — A doc about a Rock n’ Roll summer camp for girls in Portland.  How cool is that?
A Battle of Wits — A gala film.  It looks kind of interesting.
Rescue Dawn — A Herzog drama about Vietnam.
Manufactured Landscapes — When I saw the trailer in the SIFF preview I was sold in this doc.
Paris je t’aime – A Collective Feature Film — 18 really famous directors take a look at love in Paris.
King of Kong —  A Redmond, Wa school teacher attempts to break the world record playing Donkey Kong in this doc. (The producer was a football player at the UW when I was in school there).
Death at a Funeral —  A comedy with Frank Oz as the director.
Rocket Science —  A comedy about a kid who stutters and how he tries to make it on a high school debate team.
2 Days in Paris — A gala screening starring Julie Delpy.
Outsourced — A Seattle call center is outsourced to India and Todd only keeps his job by training those who took his job in this romantic comedy.
American Shopper — A interesting and funny looking doc. (World Premiere)
Broken English — A romantic comedy starring Parker Posey.
The Boss of it All — This gala screening looks really funny. 
The Borthersome Man — An interesting black comedy.
Delirious — A comedy with Steve Buscemi.
I Really Hate My Job — An interesting looking comedy that Alan Greenspan is one of the producers of. (North American Premiere)
Cthulhu — Near my house up on Capital Hill the URL for this Seattle film has been painted on a building for at least a year.  I always thought it was a horror or sci-fi film having never look at the link.  Look like it is more a mystery.  (World Premiere)
Sex and Death 101 — The creator of Heathers has another black comedy! (World Premiere)
Evening — The gala screening is a total chick flick, oh well.
Interview — This drama was directed by Steve Buscemi.
Molière — Closing night gala. (North America Premiere)

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