Goodbye Jesus Shuttlesworth

I remember just how bummed I was when the Sonics traded away Gray Payton and in return got Ray Allen in Feb 2003.  Payton had been a part of all of the playoff teams in the ’90s and Ray Allen had been OK at UConn but even though he had been a great scorer with the Bucks I just did not see how he was going to help the team.  At the time I was a "Big" in Big Brothers/Big Sisters and I took my "little" down to the team store to meet Ray Allen and I got him to sign not only a ball for my little but I also had him sign a copy of "He Got Game", the Spike Lee movie where Ray Allen stars as Jesus Shuttlesworth.
Over the years Allen has been a great public figure for the team.  I would always see him out and about a charity events.  On the court he has held his own but the team as a whole has never been as great as the years with Payton.  2005 was almost a fluke.
On Thursday he was bundled up and traded to the Celtics.  I am sure his trade value was stronger now than say it will be next year or the year after as he will be 32 in July.  The problem is that this is kind of a make or break year for the Sonics.  Ray would help fill the seats this season and hopefully keep the team in Seattle.  I think that longer term the Sonics management made the right decision to rebuild the team.  I am not sure if that team will still be in Seattle. 
I will have season tickets for this upcomming season and I look forward to seeing #2 pick Durant and also Jeff Green who we got in the Allen trade.  For some reason the Big East always seem to be on TV this year and I was always impressed when I saw Green play for Georgetown.  I really like the fact that he stayed through his junior year of college and looked a lot stronger this year.

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