Creed thoughts

I like the way that the TV show the Office keeps me entertained while they are showing re-runs over the summer.  On the show, the character Ryan Howard (B.J. Novak) convinced an older co-worker, Creed (Creed Bratton) that he had set up a blog for him but in reality he had just created a Microsoft Word document with a file name\creedthoughts
NBC host his thoughts on  Here are some of my favorites to date:
Toes are a luxury, not a right.
Who decided that pigs are for eating but rats get a free ride?
You say diabetes, I say diabetos.
Give me a mug and some beans and I’ll find a way to make your damn coffee.
Winning is everything when it comes to Russian Roulette.
Screw parasailing, man. Make the handicapped sail like the rest of us.
I’m really bad at remembering birthdays. I think mine’s in June, but who knows?

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