How did you spend your Saturday?

So if I was to ask you how you spent your Saturday, 07/07/2007, the chances are good you spent them at a wedding.  According to there were 38,000 weddings planned for yesterday which was three times the usual number weddings on a Saturday in July.  There was a story on CNN that talked about all of the wedding sites in Vegas being fully booked on the lucky date of 7/7/7.  
I myself was at the wedding of my cousin Zack to the love of his wife Kimberly who was his high school sweatheart (they met when she was a sophomore and he was a senior).  I am going to take the credit for suggesting the date to Zack back on his birthday/surprise engagement party.  I was of course pushing for a wedding in Vegas but I was happy to see it take place at the Pagoda Garden at Point Defiance Park.  That is a great place and I went to a wedding there in May 2005.  It is a great area and space.  Close to the pagoda there actually was another wedding happening on the park grounds.  BTW when I was trying to find a link to the Pagoda Garden I found out that Point Defiance Park is the largest city park West of the Mississippi River.
At the wedding my mom introduced my brother Drew’s girlfriend of two years, Jenny Kam, as "Kim" to one of my aunts.  You would think that after all of this time she would know who she was (just kidding mom).  This follows a Christmas where my neice (who was under two years old) was calling Jenny, "Jackie" so maybe people in my family just have a problem with names.  The second thing from the wedding I will remember outside of the wedding was my mom’s decision that I will be married on 08/08/2008.  This is clearly news to me.  While I am out there dating I do not have a serious girlfriend.  I guess I now have 13 months to get serious and make it happen.  Ladies you have read it here first, I will be off the market in 13 months!  Speak up now if you would like to be an interested party.  888 is a lucky number in Chinese culture so maybe a nice Chinese gal is in my future (although I would tend to think this date would work out better for Drew and his Chinese girlfriend BUT I do not want to see them settle down so soon).  My mom went around and told a few people like one of my aunts to hold 8/8/8 — it was not funny to me.  I think it was missed that 9/09/2009 would be triple nines.  I found one site where 999 had symbolism of "my wrath" relating to King Solomon and also one place where it is the inverse of 666 but nothing to say that 999 was lucky.
I attached a few photos of Mr. & Mrs. Zack Bregel.  The wedding was great.

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