Coca-cola with sugar!

Today while shopping in the Costco in South Seattle my brother came running up the shopping cart with a case of Coca-Cola in glass bottle form.  He seemed really excited about it and my first though was, big deal, you can get Coke in a bottle many places but then I looked closer.  Not only were the bottles written with Spanish text but he was quick to point out that the Coke was made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup in the 355 ml (~12 oz.) bottle.  It had been imported from Mexico.  Our unscientific taste test was that the Coke with sugar was not a sweat as the Classic coke found here in the states and it also had less bite.  Maybe they use a slightly different coca-cola formula in Mexico?? or is it the sugar??  I should say that by choice I would drink diet Pepsi and that if on the off chance I was not drinking a diet beverage it would be Coke instead of Pepsi as I fine regular Pepsi too sweat.  I think I like the imported Coke better when compared to classic coke.  Looking at the nutritional information it looks like calories comes out as a wash, as is carbs, classic coke has a little more sodium, and of course you have 39g of sugar in the imported that you do not get in the US coke but it just might be worth it to not have to dealing with the manufactured fructose corn syrup.  Natural is generally better, right?

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