Broadway shows coming to Seattle in 2008

Since I do not get to NYC that often I have had a season subscription to "Broadway at the Paramount" or I guess it is called Broadway Across America for many years now to get a little culture in my life.  The 2008 season looks to be fairly solid and I think slightly better than the 2007 season.  Below is the list of shows coming as part of the package:

·         My Fair Lady (4/29-5/4/08)

·         Disney’s High School Musical on Tour (5/20-5/25/08)

·         Avenue Q (6/10-6/22/08)

·         A Chorus Line (August 2008)

·         Oprah Winfrey Presents The Color Purple (12/16-12/28/08)

They also have a few optional shows not part of the package as encore engagements:

·         Riverdance (1/29-2/3/08) Farewell Engagement

·         Mamma Mia! (3/18-3/23/08)

·         The Phantom of the Opera (9/10-10/4/08)

You can get your own season tickets by visiting



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