Bug nets — what a simple concept

When I read Sports Illustrated: Hate Mail from Cheerleaders and Other Adventures from the Life of Reilly by Rick Reilly one of the stories talked about how something as simple as a $10 bug net with a slight covering of insecticide could save lives in Africa from those that had previously died of marlaria.  Use the net when you sleep or just at night in general and the bug would not get to you.  The Gates Foundation at the time was matching donations made to the Nothing But Nets program.  Just today the Seattle Times had an article about the Gates family work.
I set up a fundraising site to raise a moderate amount of money to buy nets.  Instead of sending mail to all of my friends I am going to just see who reads my blog and and is willing to buy a net or two.  I am sure everyone has $10 they can give to a good cause.  Vist this link and make a donation.

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