Styx, Foreigner, and Def Leppard at White River


On September 26th after work I headed down to the White River Amphitheatre for the Styx, Foreigner, and Def Leppard concert.  I went with two fun gals who both have similar names and ironically have a sister name Tami.  We ended up wasting a seat as I could not pull in a forth although I had asked one of the gals to ask her guy to tag along but I guess it was too late moment.  On the way to the show we stopped that the casino.  Drinks are cheaper there and I wanted to get a little craps in.  After about 20 minutes I was up over $200 but I got greedy and two drinks in and after a half hour stop I left with a little over $100 in profits.  I think I forced the gals to drink a little too fast and I know they got a buzz on as we drove between the casino and the amphitheatre.

Zune had sponsored a give-away at a few of the shows at White River this year and I had printed out coupons for all of us.  We were given a cool t-shirt and they offered to give us seat upgrades for an area on the grass but we had my VIP box seats so we declined.  For some reason they wanted to take our picture so maybe are out on the web or just up in some marketing person’s office at Microsoft.  My shirt ended up being a large so of course it does not fit.

After about a half hour of hanging out in the club and enjoying a BBQ dinner we headed over to the seats.  First up was Styx.  I was amazed that I knew all of the songs they played in their 45 minute set.  I never have owned any of their albums but somehow over the years I have learned them all but just listening on the radio.  The band seemed to really joy performing.  At the end of their set they threw t-shirts and other collectables into the crowd.  They even pulled out a hockey stick and hit balls into the crowd.  One of the gals ran into a friend for high school a few boxes away reaffirming that it really is a small world despite the fact we were in the home town we grew up in.  Of course I rarely run into people I new from high school at shows.  Next up was Foreigner who I think only has one original member and it is not the lead singer.  They were fun and all of us were having a fun time as the alcohol flowed in the box thanks to some drink coupons.  Between sets one of the gals got a call from her guy who was at the show but for some reason did not want to join us.  This made things a bit strange and for me kind of put a damper on things as she did not seem to enjoy things as much and I really like to see my friends have fun.  Def Leppard was good but I think they put on a better show last year when they came through with Journey.  Oh I guess I should mention that my friend also saw another few people she knew from high school.

The drive home was murder.  There was construction that blocked getting on the valley freeway in Auburn so I had to take an alternative route to Kent before I could get on.  There was then construction near Renton and then again before Coal Creek on 405.  I thought to avoid it I would take I-90 back into Seattle but there was also construction there.  I guess you really cannot win.  No one wants to deal with road work during the day and doing it between 11 pm and midnight seems to be the time to do the work.  Both gals were tired and one slept a bit and the other was asleep before we were two miles away from the venue.  I feel bad because I think I was kind of a party pooper and made things go bad half way through the night.  I enjoyed the company and I feel like I might have ruined the enjoyment level for the gals at some level.  It should have been a fun night for all but I guess I am a bit lame.  Attached are a few pictures from the show.  They are all taken via a camera phone so the quality is not great. 

StyxTracy, me, TracianneDef Leppard

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