Talking about Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe closes – Seattle-

  Well I totally missed this story.  It is hard to believe that the Croc has closed.  I have fawn memories of seeing so many shows there in the 90’s but honestly I am not sure the last time I was there for a show.  I think it might have been to see Super Delux or to see a side project for one of the guys from Pearl Jam.  The Croc will always be associated with Seattle Grunge in my mind along with the days of college and the first few years of a "real" job.  I guess things never stay the same but it is a bummer that the doors have closed for now. 

I do not think I will ever forget the post in the middle of the crowd area.  Just a little quirk that made the Croc unique.


Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe closes – Seattle-


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