Reflections on 2007


As I looked back over my blog entries over the last year it reaffirmed a thought I had about 2007 which was I am not really sure what I did but overall the things I had done in previous years I did a lot less of that.  In late 2006, I changed jobs at work and while I put in a healthy set of hours at work over the last year I cannot convince myself that is where I put my extra focus of time but it might be a big chunk of it.  I went to a lot less concerts in 2007.  I went to a lot less movies also and in fact, the majority of the films I saw were during SIFF.  I read about the same number of books.  I also that while I kept all of my season sports tickets and even added back Husky football I know I went to a lot less Mariner games last year and also T-Birds hockey.














Books read





I have tried to think if a did a lot more dating, entertaining, dinning out, etc. to fill the time but I do not think that is the case either.  In fact, the majority of the concerts and many of the films were with people I really wanted to spend time with.

I really did not spend any more time volunteering either.  The sad part is that I really found the time I did spend fairly unfulfilling.  Helping out is great but do I feel I made a difference, not really.

The only thing really new or different I tried was that I went to take a beginner swing dance class.  That was really fun but I bailed out after the first lesson (of five) because I was the only person who was there by myself.  It made for odd pairings as we switch off partners we danced with and so there was always one guy trying to do things by himself or sometimes with the instructor.  It really was not fair to the rest and I never would have had anyone to practice with outside.  I have a friend who is really good and she did come by to help me once but I did not want to try and capitalize her time.  I think I would do it again if I had someone to go with, heck I would even pay for her part of the lessons if I could find someone with an hour free a week to go.

Overall, though I think 2007 is starting to show a pattern for me that I am really starting to lose interests in many of the things I used to do a lot of and there is nothing filling the gap.  I do not feel like volunteering where I have been or really finding a new place.  I am not really excited about the M’s (although I enjoy the people I sit by), T-birds, or Sonics but the Huskies still have my interests.  In general, nothing is peaking my interests and in many cases when I find something or even someone that does it is very short lived most of the time not by my choice.  I find I am spending a lot less time with my friends but in many cases this is a factor of one still being single and two not having children so we seem to have less in common (at least in their minds).


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