Mike Daisey is great in “Monopoly!”

Last Saturday night I want to the local premiere of "Monopoly!" which is a 1.5 hour monologue by Mike Daisey about the game of Monopoly, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Tesla, and Edison.  He tells a great story and I was surprised how quickly the time flew by.  Maybe it was all of the laughing?  His story was interesting and funny and intertwined.  His stuff on Microsoft was mostly bashing of Office, especially Word and the behavior in older version but it seemed to resonate with the crowd.  He still has a few more weekends of shows and I would suggest you go check his show out if you want to learn something and have a laugh at the same time.  The lighting was kind of fun but in the Capitol Hill Arts Center the seats were really close together.  Comments made to the person next to you very quit seem to be heard seats away — I learned the hard way, sorry TnT .  The door open a half our before the show and you can, if you like, buy drinks at the bar and take them with you to your seat but there is no serving during the show (and also no intermission).  The resturant Crave is just outside of the doors to the performance space and there is also the lounge down stairs (down the alley) next to the other performance space that you can relax in before the show.
The first weekend in Februray he will have a new show called "How Theater Failed America".  If my schedule is free I think I will go see that show.  Let me know if you are interested in going also.

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