Kids in Romania like their 2007 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Champs shirts

I think it is always funny to see the "bootleg" clothing after a big sporting event like the Super Bowl where you see the losing team declaired as the champion.  People tyr to sell on eBay or you see the winning team holding it up after the game making fun of it.  Today the Seattle Times ran a story about how many of these articles of clothing end up in the hands of Federal Way based World Vision who in turn will distribute them all of the the world for those in need.  New England Patriots Super Bowl 2008 champ shirts will end up in places like Nicaragua and Romania along with parts of Africa.  The article shows kids in Romania wearing Chicago Bears 2007 Super Bowl ware.  Of course it also talks about those in the Gulf states being given Seahawks 2005 Super Bowl clothing which hurts.
This idea totally makes sense.  You just printed up a bunch of merchandise that you cannot sell or must sell for big losses.  Why not donate it to charity and take it as a write off?

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