My XBOX 360 *finally* died

I got my XBOX 360 on 1/26/06 having missed out on the November ’05 launch and in the inability to aquire one before Christmas.  Today it finally died.  I consider myself fairly lucky since the failure rate has been extremely high or so news stories would have you believe.  Most of my friends have had at least one console die and many had their less time before they died.  Mine was manufactured in 11/05 so it had a good life.  When I called support today they I am not sure how they determined this but they said my two year warranty expired on 2/17 so I just missed it being in warranty.  It turns out however that because my XBOX had had a "red ring of death" it was under the three year warranty period where it will be fixed free of charge.  In theory in 3-4 days I will have a box to ship it back and two to three weeks later I should have a new box.  I say "in theory" as the success stories have not been that great to date about rapid repair times.  For my inconvenenience, I get one month of gold service on XBOX Live but I am already paying for that so it really does not add much value.
My 360 is my primary DVD and also the now defunct HD-DVD player so I am also out the ability to watch DVD unless I hook up my old original XBOX.  I guess I need to find some books to read. Open-mouthed

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