My XBOX 360 saga continues

Well I am still without a working XBOX 360. Sad
I *think* I was quoted 3-4 business days before my shipping box would arrive and it actually arrived on the fifth day.  I quickly packed up my 360 and took it to a near by UPS store on Capital Hill to have it shipped to the repair center in Texas.  While the box came with pre-printed shipping I was instructed to as for a shipping receipt when I went to the store.  The sad part was even before I got to the counter the guy knew exactly what I was shipping and where it was being shipped to.  These shipping boxes have no description on them and are just plain white cardboard boxes but he knew right away what it was.  I guess the good side of things is that he said they are seeing a lot less of them come in but it is really sad that he would recognize the box.
I was quoted 2-3 weeks to get a repair and from the day it left my hands until it returned it was 17 days.  I at least know it took a slow truck to get there.  I went from Seattle on a Friday and then stopped in Hermiston, OR where it stayed almost two full days before moving on through Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and Texas taking six days to get to Mesquite, TX.
I guess Drew signed for it when it came back and I found it was already set back up.  I turned it on and saw a garbled video so I turned it off and then turned it back on again only to see no video!  Drew told me later that he had played for an hour or so and everything was fine.  I have since tried on two different TVs and used two different video cables and I never do get video.
A call back to XBOX support and now they have to send me a different, larger, shipping box because this time they want me to ship the power supply also.  I am not sure why as it seems to be working fine.  I am quoted 3-5 business days to get the box and another 2-3 weeks for repairs.  Angry

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