It is always strange how things tie together

On July 4th 2003 I was alone in Paris having gone over a few days ahead of the rest of the guys I was doing customer site visits with and craving fireworks on the day of independence I went down to Euro Disney since there was a good chance at the end of the day they would put on a nightly show.  In their boardwalk area and in the dance club I heard a song played a few times called "Chihuahua" by DJ BoBo.  I had not heard the song stateside and as a goof I bought the single at a Virgin Records.  It reminded me of a Mambo #5 type of song that would be big and have it heyday.  I played for a couple of my coworkers and we had a running joke of just randomly saying Chiluahua for the rest of our trip through France and the UK.  It never made it big in America but it did very well in Europe.
Fastforward to yesterday, July 4th 2008.  I went to see WALL-E and one of the trailers was for "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" — a Disney movie.  If you play the trailer you will hear DJ Bobo tune.  What are the odds that a song that I heard on July 4th five years ago in a Disney park would be in a movie trailer by Disney that I saw five years to the day later?

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