Love is in the air!

Catching up on what happened over the holidays I wanted to give a congratulations to my buddies Erik Olson and Greg Price.  Erik got engaged around Thanksgiving and Greg got engaged on New Years day.

Before moving into my current place I lived in Erik’s place for five years, perhaps one year too long, and I am happy to hear that he has found someone to spend the rest of his life with.

Greg was a roommate in college and also was a roommate in the Montlake House (as was Erik) and he and Laurie have known each other for many and many years now.  I’ll have to start the workouts so I look good in a tux in his wedding photos come this June.

I think I am down to one roommate I have lived with in the last 20 years that has not tied the knot.  Of course there is also good old me and people gave up on trying to set me up years ago.  😦


Congrats to Erik and Greg!


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  1. Adam says:

    We\’re never given up on trying to set you up. Of course it\’s hard when you won\’t narrow your requirements down any more than F, 30-50.

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