SeaQuest DSV and baseball

On my XBOX 360 I have been streaming the SeaQuest DSV TV show via Netflix.  The show was on NBC from 1993-96 and depicted a time in the future of the years 2018-32.  I watch it at some level to see what the writers thoughts on the future were.  While I am half way through season one thing they have had is a couple of baseball references of note.

The first is that in 2009 the Seattle Mariners played Havana in the World Series.  16 years into the future the writers were predicting that Havana had a baseball team playing in major league baseball.  You could infer from that Communism had fallen and that now that the MLB had teams outside of the US and Canada.  Maybe teams from the World Baseball Classic got to play in the World Series??  (episode: Give Me Liberte)

The second was the the Florida Marlins were the World Series champs in 2010.  Jonathan Brandis who plays the genius kid on the show wears a jersey with this written on the back.  In 1993 the Marlins were an expansion team and it was interesting that the writers thought in that short period of time they would make it to and win the World Series.  Of course they did win only four years into their existence in 1997 and again in 2003.  (episode: To Be or Not to Be)

Hopefully it will be Seattle’s year in 2009 as they are only one of three current teams to never play in the World Series.  The other two are the Texas Rangers (Washington Senators) and the Washington Nationals (Montreal Expos).


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