Mary Blair at Disneyland

A few years ago I got this great card from a friend in Japan and I did not know who the artist was.  It turns out it was Mary Blair who was a big part of Disneyland and Walt Disney’s life.  I later learn that she of course designed the it’s a small world attraction and characters and was part of the group that Walt took to South America.  There is lots of good info about Mary in the Disney family museum in San Francisco.  Long story short, her artwork was on display at Disneyland on my last visit and I snapped the following shots on my way out of the part one night after the fireworks.  In retrospect I could have done a much better job framing the pictures to give you a perspective of the size and many of the wall hangings were very large.  I also should have zoomed in so you could see more of the text for many of the images.  Anyway I hope y’all will enjoy if you cannot make it there to see the exhibit yourself. 


Click on this album to see bigger full sized images.


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