Please help me figure out who signed these baseballs

I am not much of a baseball autograph collector outside of trying to get the Hutch Award winner and the keynote speaker from the award luncheon. Other than that I might have a few Mariners players and coaches and generally not the big names.. Getting ready for a trip to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame inductions I decided to take inventory of the baseballs I had to add some big names and the following are balls I have yet to identify who signed them. 

The Hutch Award winners that I thought I might have but have not found are Barry Zito, Billy Butler, Trevor Hoffman, and Tim Salmon. I do not think any of these below are signed by them.  Carlton Fisk, Dave Winfield, and Rob Crew are the keynote speakers that I might have but again I do not think those are below.  I am guessing they are random Mariners but please do not let me influence your guesses. Also if it is a Mariner it is one that played in the last 20 years and most likely no one from the last few years. Uniform numbers for Mariner players can be found here.

Please leave a comment on this blog post if you have ideas who might have signed a ball.

Update: Thanks to everyone that has helped identify autographs.  I moved the ones that are still not identified to the top of the blog post.

Ball #4


Ball #6 (I think this is a Mariner player from played at some point between 2004-2009).

It has been suggested it is Jose Paniagua.


Ball #7 (I think this is a Mariner player from played at some point between 2004-2009)

It has been suggest that this is Aaron Sele or Brett Boone.


Ball #1 (Identified as Jamie Burke)


Ball #2 (Identified as Hisashi Iwakuma)


Ball #3 (Identified as Rod Carew)


Ball #5 (This has been identified as Brooks Robinson)



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