Go Huskies

Well I have not had a chance to blog about my beloved Huskies.  After great games at home against the Arizona schools we had the chance to go into the Bay area and if we won both games we would be tied with the U of Az as co-regular season champs.  Well we blew out Cal but then stumbled to beat Stanford.  U of AZ traveled at their end of the game against ASU but it was not called so they ended up winning and closing the Pac-10 with the best regular season record and of course the number one seed in the Pac-10 tournament.  U of AZ head coach Lute Olsen started the lobbying that if they one the tournament they should be a number one seed in the NCAA tournament espically was things played out with teams in the top 10.  The Huskies took away their chance of a number one seed by beating U or AZ in the Pac-10 title game.  I was watching the game at the airport and had to get on my plane half way through the second half so I had to wait until the end of the plane ride back from AZ to find out the final score.  As we waited to pull up to the terminal I was already talking loudly about the UW win to the disappoinment to a group of U of AZ students that were on my flight.
Selection Sunday was the next day and thanks to the lobby efforst of U of AZ and the strength of the schedule that the Dawgs played (not to mention the fact that it might have been crazy to have three ACC teams as #1 seeds) they were given the #1 seed.  The Pac-10 ended up with four teams in the tournament which is a fair representation.
Moving to this week and the number one Dawgs have knocked of the number 16 Montana and the number 8 Pacific.  We are on to the next round.   This is all I really wanted out of this team this year and anything else will be icing on the cake.  I really wished I could have been in Boise this weekend with the team but since I had already spent a bunch of money on the concert I went to last night and the fact that I had been gone a week at work I really could not get there for the game, then again why do I have this big Hi-Def TV if I am not going to be using it to watch games like the Final Four tournament.


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