You go Howard!

Howard is a friend of mine.  He grew up in Florida.  He went to college in DC.  He came out to Seattle to make millions at the big software company on the Eastside.  By nature he is a traveler and whenever he would get a break from work he would look for the cheapest flight to some place exotic or interesting regardless of where it was in the world.  After a few years in Seattle, Howard packed up and took a job with that same company but working out of Singapore.  One of the things Howard used to tell me was how he would clean up if he was on a reality show like Survivor.  He had the skills to beat out all of the competition.  I actually think he went as far as to make a video and send it in.  It looks like Howard is going to get his chance to be on a reality TV show.
Here is a link to the commercial they are running in Singapore for what looks like their version of The Bachelor or is it The Bachellorete, I do not watch so I am not sure which is which.  Here is a link to the TV show Eye for a Guy #2 in Singapore.  It still has last years cast of characters on the websiste but I would think that it would be updated soon as his season starts in a few weeks.  I wish my friend well on the show.  Howard has a blog (actually a few blogs).  I will let you use MSN search to find them unless he wants to add a link in my comments (actually I am not even sure if he reads my blog).


PS.  Attached is a photo of Howard from a Christmas party in 1999.  I was never sure why he did the blonde highlight thing…


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  1. Howard says:

    Thanks 🙂

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