More on Howard

As I still catch up on my blogging I wanted to give everyone an update on Howard.  After the first episode of "Eye for a Guy 2".  Howard was ranked #1 by Denise Keller.  Since Howard works for Microsoft I notified the beat writer at the Seattle PI about him and in last Monday’s paper they wrote an atricle about him and the show.

In the second episode it was kind of hit and miss for Howard.  He won points by bring Denise a gift but he was part a phyical challenge were he had to wrestle.  Being small did not work well for him and he lost fairly easily.  He did get a scratch on his arm and and got him time with Denise as she bandaged him up.  He did not do well in the trival part of the contest about Denise so he did not join a few others for tea with her. 

Two guys were elliminated so Howard only has seven other competitors at this point!


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