Thoughts on the film “Her Minor Thing”.

SIFF was the Word Premiere of the film, Her Minor Thing.  What follows are my thoughts on the film and not really a review.  It also may contain spoilers so do not say you have not been warned.
As much as I do not like to try and put labels on films or put them in buckets I really which I had a good film to compare Her Minor Thing to because then it would be easier to tell you what it was all about.  My thoughts were that this is an independent film that really wanted to be a main stream budget film, one that maybe Touchstone films would put out.  The story is about Jeana, played by Estella Warren (you might have seen her in the new Planet of the Apes or as the “fake” pregnant gal in the Cooler), who works as a computer programmer/trainer for the fire department and how she has just had the worst luck with men.  Things do see be going well with her TV reporter boyfriend Tom, played by Michael Weatherly (currently on the TV show Navy NCSI but I only knew him from the TV show Dark Angel), but there is one minor problem, Jeana is a virgin in her late 20s.  Tom who at the time thinks he is only complaining to his camera guy about this actually informs all of the greater Sacramento audience about this and this of course is where the trouble starts.  They are both scheduled to take a cruise together but in a twist of fate even though Jeana has paid for the tickets Tom ends up with them and Jeana must figure out a way to get the tickets back.  At the same time Jeana keeps bumping into this new guy in town who unknown to her is Tom’s camera man, Paul, played by Christian Kane (who always seems to be playing the bad guy in movies so this is a twist for him) and of course he does not know that she is dating the guy he films.  A subplot to the film is that there is some women’s group that is promoting virginity that wants to use Jeana as their spokeswomen but she just wants to be left alone.  To her it is not a big thing it just not has been the right time or timing.  Needless to say everyone finds out that they know each other, Paul and Jeana fall in love and Jeana loses her virginity.
This movie has a great cast and is very funny at times.  Rachael Dratch of Saturday Night Live fame plays Jeana’s roommate and she is fairly funny in her scenes.  Kathy Griffin has a fun scene as a lawyer hell bent at helping Jeana get back at Tom. Victoria Jackson also of SNL plays a funny travel agent in the film.  All and all it would be great to rent but I am not sure 100% how well it will play on the big screen.  It is a good couples or chick flick.  It was hard to gauge the audience because at least one third were people that had worked on the film.  In fact they had just completed the post production less than a few weeks before we saw it at SIFF.  Charles Matthau was the directory and he has a cameo in the film.  Debra and Jim Meyers wrote the film and in the Q&A afterward Jim presented himself as very involved in all aspects of the production.  It was great to see the writers, director and the three principal actors at the Q&A session.  I really appreciate the fact that they made the effort to come to Seattle.


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