Daylight Saving Time changes in 2007 in USA

This slipped by me so maybe it slipped by you also.  In August 2005 Bush signed the Energy Policy Act that extends daylight saving time by four weeks starting in 2007.  DST will now run from the second Sunday in March and run until the first Sunday of November.  As noted in the table in the link 2006 you sprung forward at 2 am on April 2 and will fall back at 2 am on October 29th. In 2007 you will spring forward on March 11th at 2 am and fall back on November 4th at 2 am.
As you might expect software will need to be updated to account for this.  I am told that the upcomming Windows Vista has the needed change to make this work.  Also Outlook 2007 in the Beta 2 refresh (when released) will have the needed code so that your calendar is in sync.

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