Young Frankenstein — the musical

Mel Brook’s brought the musical version of his movie Young Frankenstein to Seattle before it went to launch on Broadway in NYC.  I saw it two days before it closed and I regret not seeing it sooner as I would have told everyone I knew just how great it was.  If you enjoyed the movie you will enjoy the musical.  The big jokes were the same and still make you laugh.  Even if you have not seen the movie I think it would make you laugh.  The local reviews were kind of mixed but I think it will do well on Broadway.  One of the fun things was the special effects.  Perhaps it was because they were taking it to NYC but I cannot recall one of the traveling Broadway shows having the rich amount of special effects that this show had.  It really added to the show.  One take away was that I am not sure any of the songs really stuck with me.  I went from the show (I went to a matinee on a Friday) to a concert so it could have been the music from the later taking over for memories of the former but I am not sure if one would really stick.  The lyrics were fairly clever.  Roger Bart played Dr. Frankenstein and his facial expressions alone were just great and worth it to watch by themselves.  I wanted a lot more from Megan Mullay as I really enjoyed her on the TV show "Will & Grace" but not everyone can be the star of the show.  She still had a few big songs.  One thing that suprised me was how long it was.  The time past fast but it was a lot longer than many shows I have gone to.
When you are next in NYC I would suggest you go check out this show.  It was really fun.  It looks like previews start in October and the premier in November.

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