La Côte has great food

One of the things I really like about my neighborhood is that there are many great resturants only a few blocks away. I do not have to drive and park.  I can just walk!  "Voila!" is a great fairly inexpensive French resturant between 28th and 29th on E. Madison.  I have enjoyed the food every time I have gone there.  They always have great little events going on for any holiday and then they have things like half price wine night (I think it is on Tuesdays).  On 1/17 the owner of Voila! took over the resturant space next door which was Saint Germain and opened "La Côte" crêperies.
When I was last in Paris I really enjoyed galettes which are buckwheat savory crêpes.  They were very filling and I really missed them on my return to Seattle.  La Côte has not only galettes but also crêpes.  The also make it feel like France by serving pear and apple ciders.  They also had good soups and salads along with a great cheese platter.  The nice things are that the prices are no too expensive.  They are closed on Monday’s but they open at 11 so they are not a great place to go for a good breakfest on the weekends!   
I went there on Friday night and the place was about half full so the buzz has not really taken off yet for the place.  I had one crêpe filled with blueberry jam and another with carmalized apple — this was more a desert than a dinner.  It was so filling and so good!
Update:  The Seattle Times has a write-up on La Côte crêperies.  Here is a link.

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