Please vote to name the new MLS team in Seattle

The first professional sporting event in the old Kingdome in 1977 was not a Seahawks or Mariners game.  It was a Seattle Sounders soccer match.  While the North American Soccer League did not last past 1983 the Sounders name lived on through minor league teams.  The MLS (Major League Soccer) returned to North America in 1996 with 10 teams.  While there 14 teams in the league there have been 16 different teams over time.  Seattle joins the league in 2009 and Philadelphia in 2010.  Between now and March 31st you can vote for the name of the Seattle team.  As a kid I went to far more soccer games in the Kingdome than I saw baseball or football.  I remember seeing players like Pele play in that league.
The current names are:
Seattle Alliance
Seattle Republic
Seattle FC
My favorite of the three is Seattle FC (really I would have liked FC Seattle — for those that do not know FC stands for "Football club") but I encourage y’all to write in "Seattle Sounders" as to the history in Seattle.
Vote at  They force you to register and then they send you a link in email to vote (the mail may go to your junk mail folder) and then you can vote.  You only get one vote per email address so you cannot really vote multiple times.

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