XBOX died again :(

On Thanksgiving eve my XBOX 360 hung, I rebooted and started the same game and it hung, I rebooted and it hung at startup.  I then saw the red-ring of death which means it is time to ship it off to be repaired 😦

The same thing happened in March of 2008 which was kind of expected since many of the original had issues and one quarter Microsoft had to take a big write off due to repairs.  The website says I am not longer under warranty so it will be $99 for repair.  A new one would be $299 so it is not yet time to just buy that new one and move my hard drive.

Kind of a bummer since we could not do Beattles Rock Band after Thanksgiving dinner since everyone knows the tunes.  I hope I get it back before Christmas – in theory it is 2-3 weeks for the repair.


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