Fitbit and my trip to LA

I am having a lot of fun with my fitbit which is a pedometer which has wireless sync to a PC and your data on the internet. It is interesting to look at walking patterns throughout the day and just how many steps I take.  I have not had it for a month yet but on a recent trip to Los Angles I final started to get a decent number of steps in.  Who would have thought that I needed to take a vacation to actually get some exercise in?? 🙂
I am not sure how the device calculates distance in that I have not input my walking or running stride yet into the software.  I think the step count is fairly accurate.  Also the intensity is also fairly accurate.  

Wednesday 8/4.  8774 steps taken.  4.02 miles
This was the day I left so it was a standard work day with a rush at the airport between 6-8pm, and then airport, car rental, and hotel after 10 pm.image

Thursday 8/5.  10529 steps taken.  4.83 miles
Got up and walked the Hollywood walk of stars as my friend was guiding us to a coffee shop in the bulk of the morning steps.  Lunch at 12:30.  Chandelier and grocery shopping between 2 & 4 pm and a rest at the pool in the big dead spot between 4 & 6 pm. and then before and after dinner with friends to finish the day.


Friday 8/6. 18293 steps taken. 8.39 miles
Random walking in the morning. 11 am – 1 pm was walking around the sets of the TV show House M.D. on the 20th Century Fox lot. 2-4:30 pm at the Ghetty museum. After a traffic filled drive back to the hotel a little down time between 4 & 6 pm.  Watch an interesting documentary in the room between 8 & 10. Late walk out on the walk of stars with a little gab for a bite to eat at Mel’s Diner from the movie American Graffiti.


Saturday 8/7. 20885 steps taken.  9.64 miles
Got up early and went down to the lobby to use the free wi-fi. Packed the bags and went out for a great breakfast. By 11:30 I was walking on the walk of starts to get some last minute shopping in.  The gap before 2 pm was the drive to downtown LA.  Between 2 and 6 pm was a very fun 15-18 block walking and eating tour through the financial district in LA. The next gap was the drive down to Disneyland. Unpack and move into the new hotel between 7 & 8 pm.  Disneyland was the rest of my walking for the day including walking back to the hotel instead of catching the shuttle.

Sunday 8/8. 15495 steps taken.  7.11 miles
Notice the tiny sliver of walking as I finally got back to the hotel after midnight from Disneyland.  Got up and packed and loaded the car. Walked over to Disneyland around 10:30 am.  Walked back to the hotel & car by 3:30 pm. Drove back to car rental and ran through the airport. Flight back in Seattle by 9:15 pm. 

As strange as it sounds I was never tired the whole time.  I did have great company which makes the walking more enjoyable and they also pushed me to be out and about which was appreciated more than they might ever know.


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