Go Huskies

I have to write something about my University of Washington Huskies.  Football was such a bummer this year with the worst finish in many, many years going only 1-10.  Hopefully things will turn around with the hire of Tyrone Willingham.  Ty was just fired from Notre Dame, unjustly so if you ask me.  The coaching search at the UW had had a few ups and down and some of the better coaches had passed on job offers from the school.  Ty will be able to do a good job and he had done a good job at Norte Dame and at Stanford before that.  This makes the UW the only school to ever have an African American head coach in football and basketball (outside of the Black college conference).

Speaking of the basketball team they had a good win over L-M U last Sunday.  With the win they move to 7-1 for the year.  They did fall from 16 to 18 in the AP poll moving behind Alabama that they already beat this year.  They did move up from 21 to 20 in the ESPN/USA Today poll.  This next Sunday they play NC State (9 in USA Today & 12 in AP).

Also the UW Volleyball team beat UCLA in the great eight to move onto the Final Four!  Showing that the Pac-10 is still the national power in volleyball there are two other Pac-10 teams in the Final Four.  UW plays Stanford in one semifinal and U of Southern Cal plays Minnesota in the other semifinal with both games being played in Long Beach, CA.

Go Dawgs!



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