It sucks to be a Duck

Ok I am a little slow but on Thursday night I went to the UW vs. Oregon game.  The Dawgs killed the Ducks and of course covered the spread in the process.  You have to give the Ducks a little credit as they did make it interesting for a bit or is it that the Dawgs have big let ups in them?  I think early on it was 17-3 for the Huskies.  I was really worried that if it got to 21 points that the Huskies would blow the game like they did last Saturday at UCLA.  In the first half I think the highest the Dawgs led was 19 or 20 but by halftime the Ducks had closed the gap.  I do not understand the Duck team however.  They have a couple of mobile seven foot players and a great guard in Aaron Brooks but they just did not seem to be able to completely compete.  Brooks had 9 points in the first half but got his third foul right before the half.  He got his fourth foul early in the second half and sat most of it out.  He did not score again in the second half.  Last year he did not even play against the Huskies having punched the basketball hoop pool and broke his wrist missing like 10 Pac-10 games.  In the second half the Ducks made a run and I think they got it down to low single digits but the Huskies were able to pull away for a big win of over 20 points. 

It is a bit amazing how crowded it is at the games this year.  It is very hard to walk around at half time as the consession lines go from one side of the asile to the other side.  It is great to see the building packed each game but it is strange that I took for granted how easy it was to get around or even in and out of the bathroom in previous years when it was not so crowded.


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