Spring Training here I come

About a week ago I decided I want to go see the new Mariner team.  There has been a big turn over in players this year and besides, who does not like to get a little sun in Arizona?  Last night I got cheep airfare on Alaska.  I got a car from Trifty.  I was even able to get a really good seat to a game in KC park.  The last step was to get up early and buy tickets for the M’s home games that went on sale at 9 am.  What did I do this morning?  Well the radio alarm went off and I just stayed in bed and listen to it.  About 9:30 I remembered that I was going to get up and buy tickets and the mad dash was on.  Most of the good seats were gone for the games I knew would go first.  I guess to be fair there are lots of seats still available but if you wanted to sit in th club seats in the shade or really down close I was out of luck for a couple of the games. 
I am going to be down at Spring training from Monday March 7th through Saturday March 12th.  The Cub game in Thrusday was the first priority because the Cubs bring a ton of fans.  Thankfully there were no D-Back games that I needed to get tickets for because they also bring a ton of fans.  Also for those of you that might be planning a trip, the Giants will have a lot of fans for the weekend games and if you need to get tickets for their stadium I wish you all the luck.  I have never been able to get anything other than grass seats for games there.  After the Cub game I had to focus on Friday and Saturday because many more people come down and for those games I wanted to get 2 tickets just in case someone else decides to come.  For the three games I end up with section 200 level seats which is OK but not great.  The rest of the games I ended up with really close or great club level seats.
Is anyone else going to be down there when I am there?  Add a comment or drop me a note.  The Moyer Foundation has a fun party at Rawhide on Friday the 11th.  Lots of players generally come and the food is good.  I went  the last time I went to Spring training and had a good time.

Speaking of Spring Training.  The M’s are playing in Vega$ on April 1 & 2.  Who want to be in Vega$ for that?  We have a little time to decide as tickets for the games (agains the Cubs) do not go on sale until 3/1 but we should book hotel and airfare soon.


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